Vindicar submitted:

As the pair of alicorns enters the infirmary, they are greeted by the doctor who has been looking after Vindicar during Arcel’s absense. He says as he briefly bows to Nightmare, “Greetings, sir Mythic. The patient hasn’t gotten any better since your departure. Anomalous brain activity we have detected earlier remains, and his overall state is stable as well.” After a short pause he asks, “Are you here to authorize the use of more invasive methods, or do you have other plan?”

Nightmare Moon steps over to Vindicar, and squints, looking at him carefully with her enhanced vision.

"With Our power combined with Arcel’s, We should be able to enter his mind and stabilise it from within, with less danger to him than surgery would present. We only wish We knew ahead of time what caused it. It would be most helpful."

She shrugs. “Arcel, are you ready?”