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<==><|I===|K^"> Green eggs and ham!

"We are fairly sure neither of those things should be green."

"Yes. Well. He is doing quite well now." Reginald smirked confidently at the delivery of his perfect punchline. So perfect.

Nightmare Moon just stares at Reginald. A second passes, then two.

Then Nightmare Moon breaks out laughing at the unintentionally hilarious non-punchline.

The Rubicon (Closed RP)


Hippogriff’s eyes brighten momentarily as he looks at immortal beauty of his Lady. “Yes, Your Majesty,” he replies after a short pause, “I’d appreciate to be allowed to choose her lordship, Marquis Avenger, as my patron.”

"Avenger?" Nightmare Moon looks confused for a moment. "Why?… Yes, of course you may."

"From this day forth, we commission you, Sir Vindicar of the Order of the Blackened Star, to go forth in the Avenger’s memory, to right wrongs and avenge crimes, as she did in life."

The Rubicon (Closed RP)


Vindicar squints as Nightmare’s horn touches his shoulders, arcane energies of her body giving him a considerable jolt. Yet, determined not to falter in her presense, hippogriff stands up. “Thank you…” he says, before adding a couple more words he hadn’t addressed anyone with before.

"…my Queen."

"Now, as a knight, you shall have duties. Sir Starbuck, for instance, is assigned the role of keeping Prince Lunar’s birthright safe until he comes of age.

In the first Order, a thousand years ago, Knights would often devote themselves to a particular person or place, or to defending against a particular sort of crime. Do any of these seem appealing to you?”

"Very well. Did you perhaps hear the one about the equine who lost his left legs?"

"No, We have not."

Nightmare Moon waits, hoping this is going somewhere. She hasn’t had a good laugh in ages.

The Rubicon (Closed RP)


So many times hippogriff tried to play this scene in his imagination, yet when the moment has come, he had to gather his will to say the words that would set his fate in stone. He didn’t know the exact nature of the oath, but he had right suspicions about it.

"I do," Vindicar has replied in even voice, not a trace of emotions on his face.

"Then, by Our divine and royal right as the True Queen of Equestria, We do hereby dub thee Sir Vindicar, Knight of the Military Order of the Blackened Star, with all rights, duties, and privileges due your station."

Nightmare Moon strikes him lightly on each shoulder with her horn. “You may rise.”

"My queen. I have a humorous joke to share with you. Are you prepared?"

"We are indeed. Let Us hear it."

<==><|I===|K^"> -(Hugs. Hugs were, are and always will be my life's goal and primary task.) *Fox offers a hug*

Nightmare Moon rolls her eyes and sighs, but accepts the offered hug.

"Your species’ biology continues to baffle Us. Do you feed somehow upon hugs?"

The Rubicon (Closed RP)


Hippogriff proceeds to kneel, the ends of his robes swiping the floor as he does so. Silently he waits, listening as immortal Queen approaches him.

"Vindicar, do you swear upon your life to serve Us and all ponykind, to uphold all just laws, to punish the guilty and protect the innocent, and to hold yourself pure in all matters of honour both public and private?"